Little Fockers might need some help from Dustin Hoffman

Word on the street is that LITTLE FOCKERS isn't screening so well.

A couple of days ago, Deadline reported that FOCKERS wasn't in need of re-shoots, but rather a week of pick-ups with the entire cast. Pick-ups are basically minor shots filmed in order to add to footage that was already shot.

Then to take matters further, they had also considered replacing director Paul Weitz with producer/writer John Hamburg. Yikes. Ultimately they decided against that idea.

Now Vulture is reporting that Dustin Hoffman is in talks with Universal to come back and shoot a few new scenes. This might be problem as Hoffman is currently filming on his new HBO series, LUCK which is an organized-crime drama set in the world of horse racing.

The trailer for LITTLE FOCKERS debuted at the end of June and brought the same gags to grab some laughs. We received an early review of the film in June which said it was rather enjoyable and also mentioned that if you were a fan of the first two films, that the third would definitely be something for you to see.

Can Dustin Hoffman save the FOCKERS?

Extra Tidbit: I could never imagine another Captain Hook after Hoffman played the role. "Don't you dare try to stop me this time, Smee!"
Source: VultureDeadline



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