Live action Alice?

As remakes have become en vogue throughout Hollywood, Disney hasn't been able to capitalize much on some of their most famous films. After all, how do you remake an animated film. Well, not to be left in the dust, Disney is attempting just that. The studio is looking to remake ALICE IN WONDERLAND in a live-action/animated film. One time Disney chairman Joe Roth will produce the film for the studio with Linda Woolverton, who wrote the animated hits LION KING and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, currently working on a script. Attempts to remake the "Alice in Wonderland" story have been mostly awful (Whoopi Goldberg as the Cheshire Cat?!...). Recently Wes Craven and Marcus Nispel (PATHFINDER) were working on a contemporary "horror" version that would've starred Sarah Michelle Gellar. That film seems stuck in development hell however. Should a live action remake of a Disney animated classic be a hit, what might be next? CINDERELLA? SLEEPING BEAUTY?

Extra Tidbit: The 1951 animated film was a flop upon its initial release and only gained a following in the 1960s and on a national re-release in the 1970s.
Source: Variety



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