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Live action Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer wants to replace your limbs


There's a new trend that I quite like that has video games filming live-action trailers to go along with their spots that feature in-game cinematics and gameplay. Halo has been doing this for a while, and now Deus Ex: Human Revolution is following suit.

This trailer for the new game wouldn't make for a half bad movie, despite an obviously lower budget. A company named Sarif industries has changed the world by allowing human augmentation through mechanical body parts, but things are falling apart as side effects emerge from the procedures and its revealed Sarif retains control of the limbs and bodies they modify.

I'm excited for the game, and was even before this trailer, and I really do think we'll see this adapted into a film someday. It's just a matter of when.

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Extra Tidbit: Check out the original trailer too, amazing stuff.
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