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If like me you're one of those freaks who find the filming process almost more interesting than the film itself than this is for you. And me. Okay, so you're not freaks. And me neither. Well...

BLACK WATER director Andrew Traucki is taking the next step in instant coverage of a film production, beyond Tweeting and Blogging or whateverelsing. The official site for his new Aussie danger-waters thriller THE REEF will allow visitors to stream live footage directly from the set during filming. Some would say it goes too far and might kill the magic, but I'm a freak so...

The event happens today, November 4th around 4pm New York time. But we schmoes aren't all from the Big Apple, so let me converse that for y'all (or steal the site's own conversion):

London 9:30 PM Nov 4th
Los Angeles
1:30 PM Nov 4th
New York 4:30 PM Nov 4th
9:30 AM Nov 5th (ADST)

Thanks to the Twitch bunch for the heads-up. To access the stream later today, head on OVER HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Who else didn't like the beach as much for a while after their first screening of JAWS?
Source: Twitch



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