Live stream of Inception's L.A. premiere featuring a performance by Hans Zimmer and Johnny Marr!

Update: The stream is now over so all you'll see in its place is the film's trailer. Apologies to those who missed it, the Zimmer/Marr performance was in fact very cool. But thanks to Schmoe "Mr. Ravenwood" below in the comments for pointing out that the score is now available on iTunes!

In just a few minutes, the Los Angeles red carpet premiere for Christopher Nolan's INCEPTION will begin. And thanks to the marvels of interwebs technology, you too can be right there in midst of it all!

The cool thing here during tonight's live stream is that at some point (presumably following the red carpet footage), composer Hans Zimmer and Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr will be putting on a live performance backed by a 20-piece orchestra! Marr contributed to the score, which I hear is among one of the best and most interesting elements in Nolan's film.

INCEPTION opens everywhere this weekend. Check out the live stream below, courtesy of Ustream.

Extra Tidbit: For you score junkies, here's a cool preview of Zimmer's work from INCEPTION.
Source: Warner Bros.



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