Lizard slam Salmon

For my money, Broken Lizard have failed to live up to the hype promised by their first movie SUPERTROOPERS. CLUB DREAD was (pardon the pun) dreadful and BEERFEST was entertaining but ultimately disappointing. (I won't count DUKES OF HAZZARD but that too wasn't much.) That may be why the boys have put their Warner Bros. development deal to the side and decided to go indie. Their next project, THE SLAMMIN' SALMON, will be an independently financed comedy about a GLENGARRY-esque competition amongst wait staff at a restaurant. The project was written by the Lizard boys and all - Kevin Heffernan, Jay Chandrasekhar, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter and Erik Stolhanske will star with Heffernan making his directorial debut. Heffernan said of the choice to sidestep WB, "We wanted to go back to our independent roots and get a project off the ground and into production quickly." Sounds like WB couldn't get the project going before the strike and the boys wanted to get back to work. Filming on SALMON is expected to begin this January. No word on the status of their previously announced WB pictures like AMBULANCE CHASERS.

Source: Variety



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