Lohan follows Manson?

Lindsay Lohan may have gone a bit nutty but I don't think she's destined to be the female Corey Haim (though nor do I think she's the female Robert Downey, Jr.). But I think she's somewhere in the middle there. Maybe a Drew Barrymore-esque type career? She'll start working on her comeback with a dramatic role in the upcoming movie MANSON GIRLS. Lohan will play Nancy Pitman (aka Brenda), one of Manson's followers. Pitman was not one of the murderers on the scene of the infamous Tate/LaBianca murders but was one of the vocal kooks who hung outside the courtroom cheering for Manson. While it's good to see Lohan getting some work, I'd like to see the girl star in an indie film with a decent pedigree. This just seems like some direct-to-DVD stuff. The producers have recently worked on direct-to-DVD classics for Mario Van Peebles, Tom Arnold and Heather Graham. Why doesn't Lindsay just lay low for a little bit until she gets a decent supporting role thrown her way? I guess insurance is still a problem as the original article makes a point of mentioning that they were able to actually insure her for the film. Lohan is also expected to work on the Jack Black comedy YE OLDE TIMES starting this spring.

Extra Tidbit: Lohan is also apparently working with 50 Cent on a new album. And there goes the last of that street cred Fitty...
Source: E! Online



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