Lohan nude! For real!

This isn't exactly movie news and will surely be covered with more aplomb over at Movie Hotties later today but still, we just had to share this with you (especially since it remains strangely on the down low at press time). It's Lindsay Lohan nude. Not nude like, "Oh here's a screencap from some crummy movie that's all shadow and it could be a body double." No, this is a legitimate photoshoot with blatant, full-on Lohanudity. I mean if you look at that pic to the right and use your imagination to remove the boobie blocker, that's what you'll see in the real image. No tricks, no BS, it's the real deal. If you don't believe me, check it out for yourself. The shoot is part of the latest issue of New York Magazine (on sale today) and was conceptualized by photographer Bert Stern who wanted to recreate a photoshoot he did with Marilyn Monroe. Regarding the frank nudity, Lohan says "I was comfortable with it," but did admit to doing 250 crunches the night before the shoot. I could keep rambling but I'd imagine most of you have found the link and clicked out of here anyway. For those of you still here, what does this do for Lindsay's career? Back from the dead or another nail in the coffin?



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