Lohan/Keira lesbian update

Mike Sampson here with an update on a project we'll be keeping a very close eye on at JoBlo.com headquarters. The upcoming Lindsay Lohan/Keira Knightley lesbian movie THE BEST TIME OF OUR LIVES (ironic considering this flick could be the best time of our fanboy lives). As you may have heard us talking about previously, Lohan and Knightley will star in the biopic of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas as his wife and her lesbian lover, respectively. Today we get word that Matthew Rhys (ABC's "Brothers and Sisters") and Cillian Murphy have signed on to join the two actresses in the film. Rhys will play Thomas while Murphy will play his best friend and the husband of Knightley. John Maybury, who previously directed Knightley in THE JACKET, will direct the pic. Filming is scheduled to begin this May in Wales. Lohan can be seen this summer in GEORGIA RULE (giving hummers in the park, apparently) while Knightley has PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD'S END.

Extra Tidbit: How about a set visit? Don't worry I'd just sit in the corner and watch quietly. Very quietly.
Source: Variety



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