Longoria learns

Eva Longoria has signed on to star in a film that would probably slip under your radar if it didn't star... well, Eva Longoria. Writer-director Mark Lafferty's feature debut stars Longoria as a school inspector tracking scandalous allegations about a shady principal (Rob Corddry). Teaming with her old flame -- a former cop-turned-vice principal (Jason Biggs) -- she attempts to bring him down with the help of some disgruntled students. Wow, to be honest, I wasn't even sure if Jason Biggs was still an actor. I enjoyed the first AMERICAN PIE for what it was though, and I appreciated his work in ANYTHING ELSE, so I'd love to see him find some more success, instead of heading towards the spectre of the TV movie. Rob Corddry is okay by me too. Still, let's call a spade a spade here, guys. If we're watching this, we're watching Longoria, whose last cinematic outing was THE SENTINEL opposite Michael Douglas.
Extra Tidbit: Longoria used to date J.C. Chasez. The one from N'Sync. That's right.



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