Lost Boys 2 pic

Lost Boys 2 The evil, but cuddly, hellspawns at "Shock 'Till You Drop" recently got a first look at a seriously pissed off vampire sucking the hell out of an unfortunate passerby in the upcoming direct-to-DVD horror thriller LOST BOYS 2: THE TRIBE. The film of course stars the once famous duo of Corey Feldman and Corey Haim, who reprise their roles from the original LOST BOYS and apparently get involved in a tribe of some sort. The plot hasn't been released as yet but we'll let you know as soon as it is. It's also to note that the absolutely delectable Autumn Reeser co-stars as the requisite hottie with whom one of the Corey's presumably falls in love. Let's just hope there's no in flagrante delicto involved. There's no need to see any Corey bump uglies with a delicious hottie like Reeser. The film is tentatively set for a DVD release in July.

Extra Tidbit: According to this IMDB thread, the film's trailer will be attached to the I AM LEGEND DVD.



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