Lost Patrol found by Blade director Stephen Norrington

After exiting Hollywood post-LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, director Stephen Norrington will theoretically return to feature films.

Norrington made a big bloody splash with BLADE, and is getting back to horror for a project called THE LOST PATROL for Legendary. The movie will be a WWII supernatural action-thriller, which Norrington says hit his "geek-buttons" and contains "hardware, heroes, grime, insane monsters."

No other details are known, but Norrington is writing the script (which was picked up as a spec and was since already rewritten once). The project joins other WWII horror movies in the pipe (WOLFENSTEIN, NIGHT AND FOG, etc.), and is not to be confused with the similarly themed recent comic LOST SQUAD (also optioned for a movie), nor is it a remake of John Ford's 1934 film THE LOST PATROL.

Norrington has pondered other projects over the years, including the live-action AKIRA and the CLASH OF THE TITANS remake. He recently got involved with a "re-imagining" of THE CROW, and is apparently considering a BLADE prequel focusing on villain Deacon Frost.

Extra Tidbit: Apparently when Norrington "retired" from Hollywood a few years back, he took all evidence of his face with him. So, a random photo of gummi army guys.
Source: THR



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