Lost Planet is $200M

LOST PLANET is a movie based on a video game by the same name from the always awesome Capcom. Apparently it has been revealed by their Head of Character Contents Business that they plan to spend some $150-$200 million making the film. From what I can gather, in the game a character called Wayne, aided by a group of action movie stereotypes, must do battle on a frozen planet with the indigenous aliens, using their thermal energy to survive. There is also a broad sub-plot involving his father. David Hayter (X2) will write the screenplay.

The coolest thing about this project though is that the main character Wayne is modeled on international bad-ass Lee Byung-Hoon (A BITTERSWEET LIFE). The weakest thing is that for some reason HALO still is not being made. I know, the two don't really have much to do with each other but it's Friday and last time I checked, that's a pretty hot conversation starter right there.
Extra Tidbit: Lee Byung-Hun will make his American debut in GI JOE as Storm Shadow.
Source: Empire



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