Lost star joins Batman

No, Jorge Garcia won't be starring as Clayface in THE DARK KNIGHT but another cast member of "Lost" will join the new Batman film. Nestor Carbonell, now playing the mysterious Richard Alpert on the hit ABC show, has signed on to play the mayor of Gotham City in KNIGHT. I'd love to talk more about Carbonell and how he, and his character, are part of what has made this season of "Lost" so exciting but everytime I post something about the show, I get a million "dude you ruined it for me!!" e-mails. I recently posted about how Ian Somerholder was a former star of "Lost" and someone bitched me out for it. That was three years ago!! The spoiler statute of limitations has to be at least one year. Beyond that, you're on your own. Carbonell also has a series "Cane" that was just picked up by CBS for its fall schedule. Filming on KNIGHT is currently underway in Chicago.

Extra Tidbit: Carbonell starred as Batmanuel in the short-lived Fox series "The Tick."
Source: Variety



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