Louis CK and the world's most offensive joke

UPDATE - We were contacted by Louis CK’s camp and they asked us to remove this video because “the material was unfinished and never intended for an audience outside of the closed theater.”

Comedian Louis CK is at Sundance with his comedy concert film HILARIOUS, which we'll have a review up for very soon. As a little teaser though, I think I can share with you that the film's reputation has certainly lived up to its title. At a post-screening Q&A, Louis talked about the desire to be able to tell the most offensive joke in the world and have people feel happy that they heard it. It's an odd combo yes, but somehow he (sort of) manages to pull it off. I can't imagine any other comedian telling a joke about the rape and murder of children and getting laughter and applause at the end. That's a terrible set up (to be clear, he's not condoning any of this) but is most certainly offensive yet at the same time, pretty funny. Check the clip out below and hopefully a brave distributor will pick up HILARIOUS for a theatrical run...

Extra Tidbit: Louis is currently working on a new comedy series for the FX channel.
Source: Movieline



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