Louis C.K.'s concert film Hilarious coming to theaters in eight cities for one night only

Louis C.K. is arguably the funniest motherf*cker in comedy right now. His FX show "Louie", much like the stand-up that helped inspire it, is quite simply a joy of oddness, vulgarity, and some surprisingly thoughtful human insight. And it's funny, because something about C.K. and the new show totally remind me of Woody Allen's older and greater work, but with a modern sensibility, more "everyman", more "anything goes", but just as insightful and entertaining. Watch it if you haven't.

But back to the news... EW is reporting that Louis C.K.'s concert film HILARIOUS - which premiered earlier this year at Sundance - will be making its way to big screens for one night, September 8th, in eight cities: Austin, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

For information on which theaters exactly will be playing the film, you can head over to the comedian's official site RIGHT HERE. Tickets will apparently be going on sale there sometime today.

And if you're nowhere near any of these cities or would simply prefer to enjoy some offensiveness in the comfort of your own home, fret not! Cable channel EPIX will debut the film on September 18th, and Comedy Central has plans to air it next year and to eventually release it on DVD.

Louis C.K. also plans to kick off a 31-city stand-up tour starting September 17th in San Francisco.
Extra Tidbit: If you're unfamiliar with Louis C.K., GET FAMILIAR.



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