Love Guru sucked why?

Leave it to a spiritual guru like Deepak Chopra to help get to the real reason of why Mike Myers' first original comedy in years, THE LOVE GURU, failed so miserably: it "needed more humor." Well surely you and I could have figured that out (and I haven't even read the Bhagavad Gita) but Chopra has a unique insight seeing that he's buddies with Myers and actually has a cameo in the movie. Chopra says that humor mixed with spirituality can work if done properly but "frankly speaking, this was not a good attempt." Yeouch. Is brutal honesty part of what they teach you in the New Thought Movement? Apparently now an expert on comedy, Chopra offers up his two cents saying, "I think what he could have done was have been a little less gross about some of the jokes." Has the Guru ever seen AUSTIN POWERS? Juvenile humor can work as long as its funny. THE LOVE GURU just wasn't funny enough. Chopra continues to pontificate on humor and spirituality but he started namechecking metaphysics and I tuned out. To read more about it check out the MTV Movies Blog.

Extra Tidbit: Chopra runs a comic book publisher with Richard Branson.
Source: MTV



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