Love My Wife trailer

I Think I Love My Wife The official site for Chris Rock's sophomore feature directorial effort I THINK I LOVE MY WIFE has gone live, carrying with it the film's first trailer. Based on French filmmaker Eric Rohmer's romantic dramedy CHLOE IN THE AFTERNOON, Rock stars as a married man who dreams of tasting the adulterous fruit when his marriage becomes tedious and stale (his wife is played by Gina Torres). Despite a strong resolve to resist temptation, when a former mistress of one of his friends in the form of a delectable Kerry Washington quite literally struts into his life, he takes the film's title as a personal mantra to avoid cheating on his wife. A simple story, for sure, but one that was co-written by Louis C.K., the inspired comic who not only wrote but also directed the glorious POOTIE TANG (that's honestly not sarcasm). Check out the site and trailer over HERE. The film opens March 16th.

Extra Tidbit: Rock's feature directorial debut was the comedy HEAD OF STATE.
Source: Fox Searchlight



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