Love that Gugino!

The always beautiful Carla Gugino has signed on to co-star with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in the upcoming crime drama RIGHTEOUS KILL. Lucky for De Niro, he's the one who gets to do the nasty with Gugino as his character "enters a relationship" with Gugino's crime-scene investigator. Her character also has a "dark personal life," which I hope means that she often likes to walk around naked, have sex with random guys and take really long, drawn-out showers. Jon Avnet, who worked with Pacino on the little seen thriller 88 MINUTES, will direct from a script by Russell Gurwitz (INSIDE MAN). If IMDB is to be believed, KILL also co-stars 50 Cent, Donny Wahlberg and Martin Scorsese. Now if they could get Scorsese to direct De Niro and Pacino in this movie, we'd be in for a real treat. Gugino can be seen next in this fall's AMERICAN GANGSTER and recently signed on to star in WATCHMEN as Sally Jupiter. Filming on KILL is expected to begin later this month in New York.

Extra Tidbit: Gugino has a great 80s sitcom resume with "Who's The Boss," "ALF" and "Saved By The Bell" all making appearances.
Source: Variety



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