Lovely Bones heating up

Peter Jackson has been attached to direct THE LOVELY BONES since early 2004 and worked without a studio since that time so that he could develop the script at his own pace. And work at his own pace he certainly has. Over three years later (and one KING KONG in the books), Jackson finally looks like he's ready to get filming on BONES. Jackson went shopping the project to studios on Monday with New Line (the home of his many LOTR disputes) the only one excluded. I've also learned that casting has begun on the film though no decisions on who will star have been made. BONES is based on the book by Alice Sebold and follows a murdered 14-year-old girl who watches her family, and her killer, from heaven. Given this current pace, Jackson could get started on BONES this year for a holiday 2008 release. Filming is expected to take place in Norristown, Pennsylvania (where the book takes place) and New Zealand.

Extra Tidbit: When Sebold was 18, she was beaten and raped in Syracuse, NY. Later that year she recognized her attacker while walking down the street and was able to have him arrested.
Source: Variety



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