Lovely Kiwi cuties

Carolyn Dando Rose McIver

The above pictured New Zealand natives, Carolyn Dando on the left and Rose McIver on the right, have, after a worldwide search, been chosen for significant supporting roles in Peter Jackson's upcoming supernaturally tinged dark drama THE LOVELY BONES, an adaptation of the best selling Alice Sebold novel of the same name.

18 year old McIver, who's been acting since the age of 2, will play Lindsey, the younger sister of the 14 year old deceased protagonist Susie Salmon. Also 18 year old Dando, who's a newcomer to the acting game, having only one previous credit, will play Ruth Connors, Susie's classmate who "becomes mysteriously connected to Susie after her death."

They both join heavyweight talent Rachel Weisz as Susie's mother, Ryan Gosling as her father, Susan Sarandon as her grandmother, Stanley Tucci as the despicably murderous Mr. Harvey and young Saoirse Ronan as the sadly departed Susie.

As mentioned, the story follows the brutal rape and murder of Susie and her posthumous observation of her family, from her perch in Heaven, as they struggle to cope with her death.

Read more about Dando and McIver's casting HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Dando's one previous credit is the TV movie FATAL CONTACT: BIRD FLU IN AMERICA.
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