Lovely Nine Posters

The lovely ladies of NINE strike again.

This time in poster form. Both show four of the main hot ladies, Stacy Ferguson (Fergie) excluded. This should be a musical to go see if you aren't a fan of musicals. Daniel Day Lewis plays the main character, Guido, and you know that Lewis always delivers something worth watching.

In my own opinion, the songs I've heard from the trailers sort of frighten me but when Penelope Cruz throws her hands up in her hair sensually, that doesn't matter anymore. I'm also constantly amazed with how well Sophia Loren keeps herself still looking great at 75.

The first poster is just the average run of the mill poster you'd expect, but I really dig the poster within a poster when it comes to the second one.

Extra Tidbit: Sophia Loren was also referenced in a Hall & Oates song, "I see Sophia on the Silver Screen, there must be more like her in Rome." There's nothing that says you've made it like having your name dropped in a cheesy pop band.



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