Lucas Dragged Hellward

Jessica Lucas (CLOVERFIELD) has signed on to co-star in the upcoming DRAG ME TO HELL flick written/directed by Sam Raimi. There's probably a more articulate way to say it, but awesome. I missed most of the beginning of CLOVERFIELD because when Lucas was speaking to the camera, delivering her testimonial, my eyes glazed over and then suddenly for the next couple of minutes I was in a forest skipping under a rainbow with her while a couple of friendly squirrels paddled in a creek behind us.

We don't have all that much info on the movie, save for that fact that it will be about the young recipient of a supernatural curse (Alison Lohman). No word yet as to whether that's a good or a bad thing. Probably bad, though. Justin Long will get the surgery required to remove him from Drew Barrymore's side so that he can play her boyfriend. Lucas will next be seen in AMUSEMENT.
Extra Tidbit: I wonder if Venom will be in this film.



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