Lucas violates Indy?

Last night saw the season premiere of "South Park" on Comedy Central and as you might expect it was hilarious in a completely disturbing way. While the main storyline revolved around Cartman's paranoia that the Chinese are taking over the United States, the B-story followed the rest of the South Park kids struggling to overcome something terrible and scarring they saw earlier that summer - INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL.

I'm sure you've all heard the overused phrase by overzealous fanboys that a particular director "raped their childhood," but this episode takes that literally and the boys have post-traumatic stress after the movie and have flashbacks that highlight Steven Spielberg and George Lucas literally raping Indiana Jones. Yes, it's disturbing (especially the DELIVERANCE spoof). But it's also pretty damn funny. Below are three clips from the episode and you can head to South Park Studios now to watch the episode in full.

"Somebody Do Something!"

"Look Out Indy!"

Spielberg and Lucas Find a New Victim

Source: South Park



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