Luke Evans sinks his teeth in first trailer for Dracula Untold

Earlier this month we received a couple of posters for DRACULA UNTOLD that, admittedly, were not so bad. Origins on the famous character are about a dime a dozen, and while most of them weave a straightforward tale of horror written in blood, some of them attempt to humanize the character. It worked for Francis Ford Coppola, although this film is from newcomer Gary Shore. While the trailer was initially posted earlier this week, the studio requested it not be seen . . . until now.

Do the batdance here:

One can't help but be reminded of MALEFICENT when watching these trailers. The biggest gripe I've read of that movie is that they took too much of the villain out of her. They're not painting a villanious angle for Dracula in this film (at least judging from the trailer), so I'm curious to see what they'll bring to the table to keep DRACULA UNTOLD interesting. For you gaming fans, I think Castlevania: Lords of Shadow did a pretty awesome origin tale for everyone's favorite bloodsucker, so we'll see how this compares.

DRACULA UNTOLD, starring Luke Evans, Sarah Gadon, Diarmaid Murtagh, and Dominic Cooper, will hit theaters October 17, 2014.

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