Lynch shops Lynch

Writing an article about David Lynch is about as confusing of staying the course with one of his films. Maybe I’ll write a Lynchian dream sequence so you guys can put on your Freudian spectacles and try to decode the imagery and decipher the actual news story. That’d be fun, right? Ok, here I go.

David Lynch is currently shopping around a documentary about his creative process entitled LYNCH, which was sutured together from a reported 700 hours of footage during the making of INLAND EMPIRE. Lynch will be joining JoBlo.com on the ritzy banks of La Croisette when he ventures to the Cannes Film Festival to sell his film to international markets, and try to distribute it himself on this side of the pond, much like he did with INLAND.

Also, when INLAND EMPIRE is released on DVD on August 14th (which is how I’m going to watch it, because I ain’t spending three hours in a movie theatre with an experimental artist), a half hour portion of the documentary entitled LYNCH 2 will be included. Lynch is a famously reclusive individual, so I’m not sure what kind of access into his life we’ll be granted, but apparently, a lot. The mysterious director, who goes by the name of ‘blackANDwhite’ lived with Lynch during the shoot, and had this to say: "My goal is to present to the world the unique experience of being with David Lynch for a prolonged period of time, watching him as he creates on a day-to-day basis." One of Lynch’s reps claims to be ‘pretty shocked’ at some of the stuff Lynch OK’d for the doc, and that there were times on set where Lynch “had no idea what he’s doing.” People will speculate that Lynch directed this thing himself, but someone had to be holding the camera, right?

Alright, now it’s up to you guys to take all the surrealist imagery I just laid out on you and try to make some sense of it all. Good luck.

Extra Tidbit: If you want see David Lynch give a weather report, head over HERE
Source: Variety



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