Lynch talks Jedi

This is a rather interesting video about a STAR WARS urban legend that’s actually true. George Lucas was at one point talking to David Lynch about directing RETURN OF THE JEDIi. In this video, Lynch talks about his fateful meeting with George Lucas, and how he had “zero interest” in the project and how Lucas is too short to drive a Ferrari.

It’s not much, but it does explain a lot about Lucas, as Lynch says “he doesn’t like to direct.” This should be pretty evident with how the new trilogy turned out, as each film was directed by Lucas. Call me a bad nerd, but I had no idea that Lucas didn’t actually direct EMPIRE and JEDI, I guess I always assumed he did, but that’s not the case, and Richard Marquand ended up directing JEDI in the end.

What would a Lynch-directed JEDI have looked like? Why did Lucas choose to direct all the new prequels if he hates the job so much? Could he hand the series over to a more capable director in the future?

Thanks to reader Fat-Womanizer for the tip.

Extra Tidbit: An Abrams-directed new STAR WARS trilogy. I'm just sayin...
Source: ForaTV



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