MacGruber star Will Forte is a late addition to the Rock of Ages cast

I could go on and on about the insane comic genius of Will Forte but hopefully most of you know this by now. MACGRUBER, wrongfully ignored upon its theatrical release, is a cult classic while it was plain to see last season just how much SNL missed Forte after he was gone. Forte has kept busy with supporting roles on shows like "30 Rock" and repeat appearances as Ted Turner on Conan's TBS talkshow, it's good to have the guy back on the big-screen again.

While ROCK OF AGES has been filming for some time now (Alec Baldwin has already wrapped and returned home), Forte is a late addition to the cast and will play a new character, possibly added (or beefed up) during production as they noticed some gaps in the adaptation from stage play to movie musical.

Forte is now stranger to singing as we've seen in SNL characters like Jon Bovi and ,Clancy T. Bachlarat but sadly he won't bring his chops (and a horrible 80s moustache) to the movie. Instead he'll play Mitch Miley, the lead anchor of a network news program.

Forte is currently filming I HATE YOU, DAD with Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg and would move over to ROCK OF AGES.

Source: THR



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