MacGyver movie?

He could assemble any three household items (and some duct tape, of course) and instantly manufacture a jetski, disarm a bomb or sexually satisfy any female viewer. Does MACGYVER also have the necessary skills to survive on the big screen?

That's the rumor -- the popular TV show's creator Lee David Zlotoff attended the invention-focused Maker Faire and mentioned that he has plans to bring his resourceful gadget craftsman back in a MACGYVER feature film. No word on whether Richard Dean Anderson and his Swiss Army Knife survived 43 seasons of STARGATE to return to the franchise.

Don't get too excited just yet, fans of feathered hair and exaggerated (but MYTHBUSTER-tested) science -- while Zlotoff apparently has full control of the character rights, the flick is only in the "planning stages". It's also not the first time -- a potential MACGYVER feature has been mentioned since at least 2002. Still, the world might be ready for a hero who constructs rather than dismantles.

Thanks to 'Daniel' for the heads up.
Extra Tidbit: SUPERNATURAL co-star Jared Padalecki played MacGyver's nephew in the failed YOUNG MACGYVER television pilot. Who would you want to see as the new MacGyver replacement?
Source: Gizmodo



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