Machete meets Seagal?

Seagal Spoof Poster

Maverick filmmaker Robert Rodriguez never appears like he needs any outside inspiration for his increasingly awesome flicks, although this once it looks like he got a cue from THE EXPENDABLES by snatching one of the only fallen 80's action megastars not invited to Stallone's group comeback

The folks at Moviehole recently ran with a rumor that Steven "The Tail" Seagal was about to join Danny Trejo, Jonah Hill and Bobby Friggin DeNiro on board Rodriguez's long anticipated MACHETE. Seagal's rep were quick to drop in and deny the rumor with a Zeusian bolt of lightning in their hand, but then something strange happened: those same reps backtracked, and confirmed the big guy was officially in talks to battle alongside the Mexican knife man, if the "conditions" were right. And by conditions we assume it means if he doesn't get killed 5 minutes into the thing like in EXECUTIVE DECISION.

Wonder if Seagal wishes to follow Van Damme out of the DTV bin, or if he simply felt stupid to turn down a film that DeNiro signed up for. Either way, MACHETE just climbed a few spots on my most anticipated list. Anybody else feel the same?

Extra Tidbit: Shouldn't Rodriguez call upon Chuck Norris too? And what about Mr.T???
Source: Moviehole



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