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Machete update?

Our favorite tattooed Mexican desperado Danny Trejo was at Indiana's Horrorhound convention this past weekend, and JoBlo reader 'Ronald S.' asked the blade-wielding badass about the proposed MACHETE flick. The response: "He said that they were going to start up again in April and that everyone should harass Robert Rodriguez and Troublemaker Studios to get it done faster."

The creepozoids over at Bloody Disgusting also grabbed some chat time with the outlaw, who told them Rodriguez was directing as well as producing, and that Dimension was eyeballing the probable direct-to-DVD property as a trilogy. That seems questionable, considering they couldn't get audiences to see one GRINDHOUSE (okay, sort of two), but considering the profit margin of home vid and Rodriguez's proclivity for slender budgets, anything is possible.

MACHETE was, of course, Robert Rodriguez's faux-trailer submission and one of the more popular pieces of the GRINDHOUSE experience. In case you missed it, here's the mock-up poster, which should also tell you everything you need to know about the movie.


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