Machete update!

Some time before GRINDHOUSE apparently had the box office drawing power of a steamer left on the theater floor, there were reports that director Robert Rodriguez was planning a straight-to-DVD spinoff featuring MACHETE, one of the faux trailers during the double feature. Is a solo MACHETE still in the cards?

It is if everyone's favorite Hollywood hunk Danny Trejo has anything to say about it! And he does: the regular Rodriguez collaborator says it's "definite", and that it may even happen before SIN CITY 2 (in which Trejo will have an as yet unknown role). Rodriguez has apparently shot as much as one-third of the movie already.

MACHETE (which, along with Edgar Wright's trailer for DON'T, was probably my favorite part of the GRINDHOUSE experience) stars Trejo as a hired assassin and chick magnet who wears a leather trenchcoat that holds about a hundred machetes, and drives a massive street hog motorcycle with a chaingun mounted on the front.
Extra Tidbit: Trejo and his rise above his thug past were the subject of a documentary called CHAMPION.
Source: Rotten Tomatoes



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