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Mad Magazine parodies Avatar with a series of comics


So today everyone in the industry is exceptionally hungover from the Oscars, and therefore the news cycle is almost non-existent in the film world. Therefore, I'm reaching into my bag of tricks and pulling out this fun little bit of fluff that I found a while back but never got around to posting.

I can’t say I’ve read Mad Magazine uh, ever, but recently Sergio Aragones did a comic series for them that parodied AVATAR, and some of them are pretty damn funny. I even laughed out loud once or twice, especially at the first few about the handi-mech and the Colonel's rake accident.

Check them out below, and you’re going to want to click to enlarge (via Slashfilm) so you can actually read them.

Extra Tidbit: James Cameron looked genuinely happy for Bigelow last night. I think two billion dollars is a bit more comforting than another gold statue or two.



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