Mad Max Cusack?

The guy who once romanced his lady by blaring Peter Gabriel doesn’t seem like the first choice for a warrior wandering the postapocalyptic wastelands, but John Cusack will indeed be battling the aftermath of global disaster. And fighting by his side will be… Disney pop cupcake Hilary Duff?

The Cusack-Duff connection is reportedly above the title for the futuristic flick TALKING TO DOG, which is intriguingly being described as “MAD MAX meets BLUE VELVET” (though it sounds like it liberally samples CHILDREN OF MEN and maybe HELL COMES TO FROGTOWN, which are really just one former wrestler away from being almost the same movie). Here’s the synopsis, so judge the references for yourself: “Time has stood still for two, small communities. The consequences of Global warming, the lack of fuel, power and communication, have left them in isolation. Dying has become an industry, a woman able to give birth, now only a dream. Into this environment, a young man arrives. He is able to communicate with the dead, able to learn secrets of the past. Because of his presence, the two communities learn that love, in a dying world, is still alive and that there is always hope, even over greed.

The movie comes from writer-director Mark Roper, and also features Rodrigo Santoro, Tom Conti, Joe Anderson, Lance Henriksen and Steven Berkhoff.
Extra Tidbit: Patrick Swayze also once roamed the post-MAD MAX landscape in the B-movie STEEL DAWN.
Source: Moviehole.net



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