Mad Max gets game

Although it seemed unlikely that we'd ever get a proper fourth MAD MAX movie, we still may see the wasteland warrior once more. Even better, we'll get to BE him.

Writer-director George Miller, the guy behind the MAD MAX trilogy (not to mention BABE, HAPPY FEET and the apparently unavoidable JLA movie), wants to put some texture-mapped polygon pants on his post-apocalyptic badass. Miller is crafting a MAD MAX videogame along with game director Cory Barlog, the lead developer of GOD OF WAR 2.

From the sound of it, Miller still seems intent on getting MAD MAX: FURY ROAD thundering ahead as a movie again (production stalled back in 2003), but Mel Gibson wouldn't be involved. Miller's ideal plan would be to synch the release of both the movie and game, and utilize the same cast for both. Check out the lengthy interview with Miller, in which he gets into his thoughts on storytelling via games, what happened to FURY ROAD, and much more RIGHT HERE.
Extra Tidbit: The only official ROAD WARRIOR game was MAD MAX on the NES in 1990, although the character appeared unofficially in the Sega Genesis game OUTLANDER.
Source: Level Up



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