Mad Men takes to the skies in these new photos from the upcoming 7th season

MAD MEN teased us with a brief teaser showing Don Draper descending the stairs of a TWA airplane, teasing the possibility of the final season relocating to California. Now we have a look at a new batch of images showcasing most of the main cast in various airline settings. Could this be a reference to the agency gaining a new airline client? Is it a metaphor for Don's life?

Whatever the case, these images released by AMC prior to each season tend to be steeped in the style of the year MAD MEN takes place in for that set of episodes. We can clearly see the mustache and sideburns of the late 1960s are still visible while Don and Roger Sterling look like their classy selves. If anything, these images tease us with the question as to where Don and Peggy stand in relation to their jobs and to each other.

MAD MEN remains one of the best shows on television and, with BREAKING BAD off the air, this final season is going to be one the biggest television events of the year. Hopefully we get as satisfactory of an ending as that fellow AMC series.

The first half of MAD MEN's final season begins airing on April 13th.



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