Mad Men's Matthew Weiner gets a cast and plot for his film debut, You Are Here

Mad Men is many people's favorite show on the air right now, because of its effortless style, charming dialogue, and gorgeous cast. You would think that creator Matthew Weiner would bring a similar level of class to his first feature film, but when your topliner is Jack Black, that may be an uphill battle.

YOU ARE HERE now has a cast in the form of Black, Matt Dillon and Renee Zellweger. The plot? Pajiba reports:

It’s about two roommates in their 30s, preoccupied with dodging the responsibilities and rigors of adult life. That is, until the sudden death of one of the men’s fathers, which makes his unstable son the new owner of a general store, a country home and millions of dollars worth of Amish farmland.

Black will play the slacker heir, Dillon his douchebag weatherman roommate, and Zellweger his jealous sister. Rachel McAdams in talks to play the love interest who both roommates fall for.

This sounded like a mildly better idea when Bradley Cooper, Zack Galifianakis and Jennifer Aniston were attached last year, but that seems like a bit HANGOVER-ish dynamic. You can say Oscar winner Zellweger is a better get than Aniston, but I have my doubts she's a bigger box office draw.

But all this aside, it sounds like the plot of an Adam Sandler movie to me, and I can't picture why Weiner is behind it. I'll wait for a trailer before I pass any more judgment, but it is rather odd to the least.

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Source: Pajiba



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