Madman movie update

Comic creator Mike Allred's ginchy comic MADMAN has long been in development as a feature film -- Robert Rodriguez had once planned to direct, but is now producing while George Huang handles the camera for the offbeat superhero tale.

Allred gave a status update to Newsarama, and essentially says that the three are on the same page from a creative perspective, and are now hoping that the suits at Dimension (who could certainly use a new franchise) are keen as well: "The bottom line is that all the elements I’m excited about are in there, and all the moments that I think the most diehard fans would want are in there. Right now, we’re waiting on the studio notes, and hopefully we’ll get the green light and be able to start casting and scheduling."

In the past, Johnny Depp had been linked to the lead role (he was spotted reading a draft a few years back), but his pre-strike schedule is now likely locked up tighter than Hannah Montana's hoochie. I actually think Viggo Mortensen would be a good match for the quirky material, but they'll likely aim younger.

Allred’s groovy pop-art comic follows a dead man named Frank Einstein who is brought back to life by a scientist. With a scarred body, a spotty memory and an array of nifty gadgets, he dons a superhero costume and defends Snap City from various zany threats while still finding time to fall in love with a swell gal named Joe.
Extra Tidbit: George Huang was basically blackballed after his great “inside” flick SWIMMING WITH SHARKS cast an ugly light on the treatment of assistants by "fictional" hotshot Hollywood producers.
Source: Newsarama



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