Madonna goes online

I know, settle down, settle down. Now, I know there has been a massive uproar, a collective worry that you might not get to see Madonna's directorial debut FILTH AND WISDOM, but alas there is a God - she plans to release it online. In case you missed it, the film is about three mismatched London flatmates who accept dire jobs while waiting for their dreams to come true. Speaking to WENN, Madonna said "I've been speaking to iTunes about releasing it through them. I want the most amount of people to see the film as possible. I don't do anything conventionally." And why the hell not? Everyone should see this thing. Reviews of the film, which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival have ranged from flat out scathing to the an exploration of the scientific link between viewing it and spontaneous sterility. The Guardian for example, gave it one out of five stars, while The Hollywood Reporter, managed "Ragged, uneven and potholed with some dire dialogue and performances, the film's cockeyed optimism and likable leads conspire to bring a smile by the time it's done". Still, no matter how bad reviews are for a film I like to think that there is always an audience for it somewhere and maybe making it available through iTunes is the best way to find that audience. Or maybe when this happens it will turn into some kind of real life FEARDOTCOM. Proceed at caution!
Extra Tidbit: "She has made a movie so incredibly bad that Berlin festivalgoers were staggering around yesterday in a state of clinical shock, deathly pale and mewing like maltreated kittens" (The Guardian) -- That is probably a little bit over the top.
Source: DarkHorizons



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