Maggie Fears Flying

Maggie Gyllenhaal Long time "Murphy Brown" producer Diane English is looking to bring Erica Jong's groundbreaking 1973 debut novel "Fear of Flying" to the big screen and she's purportedly interested in enlisting Maggie Gyllenhaal to portray the story's heroin Isadora Wing. The novel was innovative and somewhat shocking at the time as the character of Wing is a freethinking, fiercely opinionated near sexual predator who philosophizes and waxes rhapsodic about relationships and the current state of affairs. In a world where (warning: extremely NSFW!) disturbingly transsexual men exist, however, Isadora's exploits may not seem as progressive or shocking as they once were but surely English can find a way to up the ante to make things appropriately, well, f*cked up. The film has apparently been simmering in production hell for an infuriatingly long time and if you'd like to know more about its torturous journey, just clickie on the above link.

Extra Tidbit: Hope Davis provides the voice for Isadora Wing on the "Fear of Flying" audio CD.
Source: Fox News



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