Magnum P. Cage?

Nicolas Cage There's a rumor floating around the information superwebs that groovy haired eccentric Nicolas Cage is up for the titular role in MAGNUM P.I., the Rawson Marshall Thurber directed feature adaptation of the popular 1980s series of the same name in which Tom Selleck rocked the hizouse as the unstoppably cool Tom Magnum. According to notoriously untrustworthy sources, Cage "likes the mix of comedy and crime-solving in the script," though, if it is true, it's likely he likes the big fat wads of cash the studio will likely throw at him to take the role. The second pivotal role still up for grabs is that of Magnum's Brit sidekick Higgins and it's likely that as soon as both are cast, this bad boy'll really get rolling. Read more about it over HERE. So what do you guys think? Would Cage make a good Magnum? Would he at least have the decency to grow a fierce 'stache?

Extra Tidbit: When Frank Sinatra agreed to guest star on "Magnum", he was able to pick and choose the story idea for the episode from a list he was given.
Source: IGN



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