Maguire gets Hungry

I realize he was a little burned out after the SPIDER-MAN trilogy was over but I was hoping to see a little bit more out of Tobey Maguire since then (since 2001 he only has two non-SPIDER credits on his resume). Luckily he's just attached himself to a new project that sounds pretty intriguing. Endgame Entertainment (I'M NOT THERE) has picked up the script HUNGRY RABBIT JUMP for Maguire to star in and produce. Though the company wanted to keep exact details of the plot secret, it was described as a thriller similar to David Fincher's THE GAME. The script was written on spec by Robert Tannen (EVEN MONEY) and is one of a number of projects Maguire is developing (including TOKYO SUCKERPUNCH, EVERYTHING CHANGES and HOT PLASTIC). Maguire did wrap filming on a project recently - the drama BROTHERS with Natalie Portman and Jake Gyllenhaal. Maguire hasn't decided on his next project but here's hoping it's something quick. I'm about to go back and watch WONDER BOYS just to get a fix...

Extra Tidbit: Maguire has a cameo in one of the movies within a movie in TROPIC THUNDER.
Source: Variety



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