Maguire vs. Raccoon

Before tackling the mystery villain of SPIDEY 4, part-time wallcrawler Tobey Maguire will have to deal with a nefarious new nemesis: the Raccoon.

Maquire hooks up with Elizabeth Banks in the dark comedy THE DETAILS (sorry Tobey -- Ms. Banks is just more photogenic and aesthetically pleasing), an indie from writer-director Jacob Estes (MEAN CREEK).

The movie revolves around a struggling married couple (Peter Parker and J. Jonah Jameson's receptionist get together!) and the sudden complication presented by a family of mischievous raccoons. This somehow draws them into contact with such recognizable humans as Ray Liotta, Laura Linney, Anna Friel and Dennis Haysbert.

Maguire swings into a role originally occupied by James McAvoy, who exited due to scheduling conflicts and not a fear of backyard critters. Like his chum Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey has an extensive and interesting mix projects he's also producing, including ROBOTECH, TOKYO SUCKERPUNCH and AFTERBURN.

Extra Tidbit: Maguire and DiCaprio both appeared in the little-seen DON'S PLUM, a casualty of legal wranglings and terminated friendships.
Source: Variety



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