Maintenance for McG

Director McG just moved to a new home at Warner Bros. and has a bunch of stuff in the works there (including an unfinished Steve McQueen project), but is already piling more projects on his plate.

McG has grabbed the rights to the Oni Press comic series MAINTENANCE. The book follows a pair of janitors at TerroMax Inc., the "world's biggest and best evil science think tank" who provide equipment for supervillains. McG says "Some of the films that made me want to become a director like 'Back to the Future' and 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' are based on action, comedy and ground-breaking special effects. It is my goal to make 'Maintenance' in the same tradition." Screenwriter Joe Ballarini is adapting the book for the planned flick.

I picked up the first MAINTENANCE collection last month and it's definitely a fun read, but I also did actually think it would make a great concept for a movie (sort of the anti-MEN IN BLACK). Guess I wasn't the only one. I just hope they include the man-shark.
Extra Tidbit: Yes, I said man-shark.
Source: Variety



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