Major Tropic Thunder cameo

If you want to avoid spoilers in any way you can, then I'd recommend not reading this piece. I even went out of the way to not drop the name of the actor this piece is regarding, in the title.

Because if someone would have told me that Will Ferrell was going to cameo in WEDDING CRASHERS and the psychotic, meat-loaf loving, funeral schmoozing Chas, I would have gone apeshit. Just seeing his face emerge out of the shadows had me laughing. And so the A-list cameo trend seems to be growing. The latest actor to take a ride on the wagon appears to be Tom Cruise, who is to play a 'despotic studio head' in the upcoming Ben Stiller flick, TROPIC THUNDER. The role is apparently going to give him a chance to poke fun "at the expense of the top execs at his former home studio, Paramount."

I love stuff like this. I'm not ashamed to admit that after I saw FAST AND THE FURIOUS 3: TOKYO DRIFT, I actually left the movie thinking it was pretty good, until I realised, wait a minute, no it wasn't, I just thought that Vin Diesel cameo was awesome.
Extra Tidbit: Favourite cameo appearance? I'll stick with big Vin.



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