Malin Akerman lusts after Paul Rudd in new Judd Apatow film

Malin Akerman has signed on to flex her comedic chops in the upcoming Judd Apatow produced comedy WANDERLUST. Akerman will co-star with Paul Rudd, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux in the film about a yuppie New York couple (Rudd and Aniston) who decide to leave their lives behind and move to a hippie commune. While this hasn't been confirmed, I'd bet dollars to donuts that Theroux and Akerman will play the goofball leaders of the commune.

Now this all sounds fine and good, especially knowing that David Wain, director of the criminally underrated ROLE MODELS, is back behind the camera and co-wrote the script with former "The State" star Ken Marino. But...the Jennifer Aniston thing gives me (and I'm sure you as well) pause. Perhaps it's been the inability to find the right roles but when was the last time Aniston was actually funny in a movie? She's been in funny movies (see: OFFICE SPACE, BRUCE ALMIGHTY) but what does she add to this movie?

Wain promises on his blog that you'll see "cool new sides of [Aniston] in this one," and Rudd has worked with her twice before (on THE OBJECT OF YOUR AFFECTION and on "Friends") so two people I trust seem to be vouching for her but...

All this said, I think Wain is a great comedic writer/director and I'm looking forward to WANDERLUST no matter what happens.

Extra Tidbit: Um have you *seen* Malin Akerman's sister Jen??...
Source: Variety



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