Mama's Boy Poster

You know, it’s really nice to see that Jon Heder isn’t getting typecast as a hipster doofus not quite mature enough to be called a man yet. It’s really great to see him stretch his acting wings. Yeah, right. It’s yet another comedy for Napoleon whatshisface, this time, one called MAMA’S BOY, and we’ve got the poster for you BELOW. I don’t mean to hate on Heder or anything. The guy didn’t expect to become a Hollywood a star, and if I were him, I’d take what I could get too.

This one sees Heder playing 29 year-old Jeffery, still happily living with his mom (Diane Keaton), until a motivational speaker named Mert Rosenbloom,(Jeff Daniels) woos her and moves in on Jeffery’s territory. Jeff enlists the help of the impossibly cute Anna Faris to help him combat Mert for his mother’s affection. This sounds a lot like MR. WOODCOCK, doesn’t it? Let’s see, though: Diane Keaton, Jeff Daniels, and Anna Faris—do you get a more likable supporting cast? Crappy poster, by the way.

Extra Tidbit: A 2005 online rumour stated that Jon Heder died in a car crash rumour after leaving a wrap party. This rumour is apparently untrue.
Source: impawards.com



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