Mamet's Redbelt

In REDBELT, Chitewel Ejiofor will star as a Jiu-Jitsu master that has stopped prize-fighting in order to run a self-defence studio. After being conned by a cabal of movie stars and fight promoters, he is forced to enter the ring to regain his honour.

It's amazing how different my reaction to this story could have been, because if this wasn't the plot for a David Mamet (my all-time favourite writer) movie I would have been cringing and looking at which rapper was going to star and kick ass to a soundtrack recorded by himself and his record label buddies. As it stands though, I can't wait to see this bad-boy, because even though his films aren't always perfect (I wish SPARTAN would have ended differently) you know you're gonna see characters who are the epitome of efficient, and deliver amazing dialogue. I know that everybody has their own opinion about who in Hollywood (or anywhere else) writes the best dialogue, but there's no doubt in my mind who that is. What's his name? F*ck you! That's his name!
Extra Tidbit: Probably the best Mamet line (maybe the best line of all-time): You need to set your mother f*cker to "receive".
Source: Variety



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