Man on Wire poster

So I saw THE DARK KNIGHT last night, and from now on everything will be known as pre-TDK and post-TDK. I loved it, but I thought the affair between Alfred and Lucius Fox was far to unbelievable for my liking. In other news, here's a poster for an upcoming doc called MAN ON WIRE, about a French tight rope walker named Phillipe Petit who in the mid-seventies, walked on a rope between the twin towers for over thirty minutes, and became an instant celebrity because of it. I had the chance to see it a couple of months ago, and if you get the same chance, please do so. The film plays like a part doc, part heist movie, detail the covert ops he and his friends went through to sneak that cable to the roof of the buildings in the middle of the night. And when he's up there, well, it's magic.

Extra Tidbit: The first thing Petit did after he was released by police was bang a groupie.
Source: impawards.com



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