Mangold's Cyclops

Cyclops graphic Warner Bros. recently acquired the rights to the Alexis Nolent graphic novel "Cyclops" and are looking to 3:10 TO YUMA director James Mangold to direct the shit out of it as he did with YUMA and WALK THE LINE. The sci fi actioner centers on a group of mercenary solidiers who broadcast their kills to the general public through cycloptic helmets implanted with cameras. Naturally, one particular soldier starts having moral issues with this practice and shit gets all effed up. "It is an electrifying package you find in the best sci-fi: great action sequences combined with themes that are eminently foreseeable," says Mangold of the property. Come to think of it, he's right and with him at the helm, this could turn out to be some pretty exciting stuff. Mangold can currently be seen helping Anne Heche find love in Alaska as executive producer of the show "Men In Trees".

Extra Tidbit: Note: Image to the right has nothing to do with the actual "Cyclops" graphic novel.
Source: Variety



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