Manilow: the Movie

Barry, put the Botox down. NOW!

Let's take a break from "serious" movie news and have a big hearty chuckle with Hollywood. Remember that Monopoly thing? And what about a motion-captured YELLOW  SUBMARINE? Let's not forget my favorite,  View-Master. Well to me that one ranks just as high on the side-split-o-meter.

Universal and Playtone liked what happened with MAMA MIA so much they wanna do it again, but this time with Barry Friggin Manilow! That's right folks, Tom Hanks' production shingle is championing a romantic comedy based on the "singer's" catalog, although they're having it closer in tone to LOVE ACTUALLY than that ABBA film where people burst into song for no reason. Which is kinda sad 'cause I don't think I can imagine something funnier than Pierce Brosnan suddenly doing the hustle while singing "Copacabana" in 3D on a giant IMAX screen. Shake that bloody booty, Bond!

The story would intersect a set of characters attending a Manilow show in Vegas, with "classic" songs like "Mandy" playing all throughout. The man himself is giving his full support to the project, and why not? Sweetest paycheck he'll have seen for these last 25 years...

Raise your hands if you're stuck with "Copacabana" or "Mandy" in your head because of me. You're welcome!

Extra Tidbit: Scary pic, that is. Can't decide if Manilow looks like Barbara Streisand or Barney the purple dino...
Source: Variety



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